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Institute Of African Intelligence

Institute of African Intelligence (IAI) is a non-partisan, pan-African institute that researches agriculture, climate change, business & the economy, ICT & start-ups, energy, etc –all from an African perspective.

IAI applies technology and tech tools to collate, analyze and present research data in simple forms which can easily be used by researchers, individuals, private organizations, government agencies, and non-governmental agencies.

It makes use of these data to determine trends and patterns which can be used to forecast economic, social, and financial activities. This data which is generated can also be used by the governments of different countries to formulate policies that will benefit its citizens.


To use technology tools to analyze and present information to the pan-African population in a form that will drive conversations and stir up actions that will improve Africa’s Agriculture, ICT, and Economy by the government and private sector players.


To see an African community utilizing research information to challenge the status quo using researched information to form policies, improve the economy and build the private sector by providing start-ups with well-researched information.

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